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Welcome to Lake Global Reach Inc. We are your go-to specialist for anything Database Marketing Solution. We’ve got the perfect fit for your fast-growing business. Lake Global Reach Homepage has an integrated approach to database marketing problems which is bound to offer efficient and flexible accessibility.  Our marketing tools are not only powerful, but simple-to-use, and right at your fingertips. Our database is a marketing haven for your business. So, why do you need us? what’s the benefit of using our personalized services?


Why do I need a reliable database marketing?

It’s no breaking news the fact that the data created by consumers is rapidly growing. Moreover, the opportunities available through data collection is growing, thanks to marketing automation tools enhancing marketing teams to take advantage of the data in different ways. So, why do I need a reliable database marketing list? It helps you develop better relationship and customer loyalty, helps you offer improved services to your customers with  personalized customer experience.

With our accurate and clean database, you can now create precise customer segments using both our online and offline data. This action can be performed based on simple demographics such as Company Name, Website, Full Name, Title, Email, Phone, Revenue, Employee Size, LinkedIn Profile, age, purchase, and geographic location etc.

Keeping record and segmenting customers is not only good for ensuring that the right person gets the most appropriate message. It is also cost-effective than ‘the design fits all’ approach to direct marketing. Appropriately targeted marketing is way effective, especially when sending mailshots and emails rather than wasting money on catalogs.

What do you need for successful database marketing?

Using a data-driven approach to marketing can aid your marketing strategies both more affordable and profitable. However, how effective you are using your database will depend on some factors. Such factors include: 
How well you are able to access your customer data, if you are unable to get your customer data, you cannot put it to use. This is a problem that a customer data platform such as Lake Global Reach can help deal with.
Your ability to analyze your data and automate your campaigns. This is where our multi-channel campaign management services of Lake Global Reach help you by turning your insights into reality, helping you take necessary action. No matter how well-segmented your data is if it is inaccurate and outdated, it will perform poorly. Not to worry, with our effective single customer view process, we will clean your streams of data, turning them to a single, but the reliable record for every customer.
Lake Global Reach
If you want to know more about our services, our platform, and more benefits of using our services, you can book a section with us for a one-to-one consultation with us. We’ll be glad to attend to you keenly. Cheers!


  • B2B Marketers Trust Us
33% of Business to B2B marketers in US have already Used Lake Global Reach data solutions.
  • 55 Million B2B contacts
We offer a robust and accurate B2B mailing database to support your Marketing Campaigns.
  • 2.4 K+ Customers Served
An increasing number of customers trust us with their database requirements.
  • 38% Customers Retention
Our commitment to quality database is the key to successful Customer retention.
  • 163 + Data Scientists
We have an expert data team who ensures authenticity of every record.
  • 85+ Specialized Segments
There are multiple selects to choose from to build your targeted email lists.


Strategies that may seem ideal for a targeted group of business prospects may not be similarly useful for the other bunch. Lake Global Reach gives you the option for custom building your list just the way you want it to be. Why settle for less when you can have more?  Target your prospects from a range of multiple selects for maximum campaign effectiveness:
  • Job Title/Roles
  • Company Size
  • SIC Code
  • Job Function
  • Revenue Size
  • NAICS Code
  • Geography
  • Technology
  • And more..
Our exclusive technology users list is an outlet of data that embeds contact details of users of various technologies including hardware, software and IT to help channel marketing messages to decision markers of tech companies across the globe.

Technologies we track include:

  • Cloud Services
  • Hardware
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Productivity Solutions
C-Level Executives Email List and Mailing List 2020


Lake Global Reach account profiling services are a perfect blend of human expertise, technological advancements and in depth research techniques. We assist your sales team in connecting with relevant prospects who can give more business.  Our Account Profiling Services offer:
  • 360 View of a prospect
  • Investment and purchase history
  • Financial information
  • Technology used
  • Organizational Details
  • Insight into
  • Social media whereabouts
  • Information about decision makers
  • And more..

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