Doctors Mailing List

Doctors Email List

We give doctors mailing list records that spread pretty much every therapeutic claim to fame and statistic select you can consider and we ensure crisp data and 90% conveyance rates.

Lake Global Reach Inc’s Doctors Mailing List provides you with a reliable, verified and updated doctors’ contact detail with their full contact details which will basically help you chase your multi-channel marketing campaigns effectively without any form of hassle. You can customize your Doctors Mailing List with following details:

  •  Average Patient Volume
  •  Type of Physician
  •  Hospital Affiliation
  •  Practice History
  •  Number of Employees
  •  HER and PMS
  •  Geographic Locations
  •  Specialty Information
  •  DEA, State License, NPI
  •  Group Practice name

Being able to deliver the right message to a targeted number of medical professionals can be a tedious task if not supported by a complete and reliable database. With enviable dedication, our team of experts works day and night to see to it that the database remains updated, accurate, and verifiable. With our Doctors’ Email List, you have a well-crafted database to boost your chances of meeting a new target audience and prospective.

We at Lake Global Reach offer a variety of customized Doctors Mailing List designed to help you improve the credibility of your marketing message by reaching out and talking to the right doctors. We sort out your data based on the type of practice of the doctor, geography, and their specialization.

Use our Doctors Mailing List to grow your business

Health-related businesses remain one of the most successful types of companies in the USA. The stocks of big companies have the proof you need. Even though it seems impossible to reach the top medical professionals out there, we can make that possible with our Doctors Mailing List.

Target your prospects with our Doctors Email Database. We offer you access to top-quality clients who will give you the needed audience, business opportunities, and deals. With our data, you can say goodbye to inaccurate information and welcome authentic and powerful data into your data-driven marketing strategy. Let us create and customize your suitable mailing list. We are unique and your result is what’s of topmost priority to us. Leverage our Doctors Mailing List today and start noting the difference in your marketing campaign. We stand out, and a call will show you.

By utilizing Lake Global Reach’s altered Doctors Email list you can exploit these abbe shares to drive your items forward, creating higher incomes and accomplishing much better specialty showcase infiltration.

We offer more than 20 million business records and 190 million consumer records. There are multiple selects to choose from to build your targeted list. We give a robust and accurate doctors email list database to support your marketing campaign. We have an expert data team that ensures the authenticity of every record. Our commitment to a quality database is the key to successful customer retention.

Doctor Specialties Includes:

Doctors  Specialty Doctors Specialty
Allergy immunology Orthopedics
Anesthesiology Other
Cardiology Otolaryngology
Dermatology Pathology
Emergency medicine Pediatrics
Endocrinology diabetes metabolism Physicians
Family practice Plastic surgery
Gastroenterology Preventive medicine
General practice Psychiatry
Geriatrics Radiology
Infectious disease Surgery
Internal medicine Urology
Medical genetics Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation
Nephrology Doctor
Neurological surgery Dentist
Neurology Osteopathic
OBGyn Acupuncture
Oncology Chiropractors
Ophthalmology and many more

List Delivery Guarantee:

  • 95%+ for Direct sends
  • 95%+ for Tele-contacts
  • 85% to 90% + for Email Delivery

What does the mailing list include?

First Name State
Last Name Postal Code
Title Country
Email Address SIC Code
Phone Number NAIC Code
Fax Number Industry
Company Name Employees Size
Website Revenue Size
Address LinkedIn Profile
City And Many More

Some of the selects we offer are,

  • Specialty
  • Sub-specialty
  • Solo clinics vs. Group practices
  • Region
  • Zipcode
  • City
  • State
  • And many more!

Lake Global Reach Inc offers you a targeted list of physicians, doctors, surgeons, chiropractors and other medical professionals compiled in a directory data format. There are 759,249 Doctors in the USA.

If you are wondering why it is important to have a reliable network of medical professionals. We all know how important information is to all types of business as it is the grease that keeps every industry working. As a marketer or an individual who deals in the healthcare industry, you never can tell when you’ll need a medical doctor. It doesn’t have to be about health issues. You may also need to offer them your services or promote your brand or products. Whatever the reason, it is good to have their contact information at your fingertips; that’s where Lake Global Reach Inc Comes in. We’ve got the Doctors Mailing List you need.

As per the reports, the USA is hovering with the medical representatives and so they form a very lucrative target market as their income is touching the sky. As per reports:

  • The average salary of a family physician is $190,651.
  • Cardiologist’s average income is $343,000
  • Neurologist’s average salary counts to be $244,000

We provide you the contact list of all the top-level Doctors from every specialty, that will ease your campaign process of finding new prospects.

Country-wise Doctors Email Lists Database


UK Europe
Canada Australia

New Zealand

Successful leads aren’t about getting a high volume of prospects into your business; you likewise need to consider the productivity with which you do as such. Likewise, with other essential business exercises, a solid quantifiable profit is the genuine sign of lead age methodologies that work.

Try to add new customers, and track them, always evaluate profitability to target the highest-ROI opportunities. The sooner you escape awful arrangements, the sooner you can proceed onward to increasingly qualified prospects. We furnish all the information for you and give you a customized marketing list the way you want it. Lake Global Reach gives you the option of custom building your list.

Our exclusive doctors’ email list is an outlet of data embeds contact details of users from different specialties to help to channel messages to decision-makers of companies from the globe. The quality database can boost your business growth. For the business growth having a quality, database means we will have better information to support business decision making.

To make sure your campaign cuts through the competition, we will furnish you with plenty of information and will also provide a customized doctors’ email list exactly the way you want.

You can use the data for your marketing digital campaigns and communications to boost sales, as one of the best data service providers in this industry we guarantee you 100 % success in your marketing campaign.

Why Lake Global Reach’s Doctors Email Lists?

The costs of selling are escalating day by day and it is now imperative to closely watch your budget. One effective way to control costs and achieve higher revenues is to micro-tune your targeted customer base, by focusing on specific medical departments. For example, it’s easy to see how the needs of psychologists could be different from orthopedic physicians.

To make sure your campaign cuts through the competition, contact Lake Global Reach now!

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